How Culligan Water Helps Improve the Taste of Your Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are popular beverages for a host of reasons. Whether it’s a hot coffee to start your Monday morning or an ice-cold sweet tea on your porch on a hot summer day, these tasty beverages can add a refreshing twist to your day. However, just as the quality of the coffee beans or tea leaves matters, so does the water you use. The flavor of your coffee or tea depends on the quality of your water and how it affects the final product. Your coffee and tea will taste better when you use good-tasting water to make them. Discover the real impact that water quality has on your favorite beverages and how Culligan Water’s filtration systems can enhance their flavors.

The Impact of Water on Your Favorite Beverages

The quality of your water can have a huge impact on how your coffee, tea and other beverages taste. Water is an essential part of brewing many beverages, and its quality is imperative to create a beverage with the right taste. Hard water itself typically has higher concentrations of magnesium and calcium than soft water resulting in a slightly bitter, and even salty taste. The last thing you want your tea or coffee to taste is salty! Unfortunately, magnesium and calcium are even the worst unwanted ingredients that could be sneaking their way into your beverages through your tap water. 

Unwanted water contaminants often make their way into your home through your tap water. While municipal water treatment facilities work to rid the water in your community of some harmful contaminants, even those facilities can end up leaving more in your water than you’d like. Chlorine is a common water cleaning solution added to water but it can add hints of a pool-like smell and taste to your tap water. 

Other contaminants are far more harmful than just leaving a bad taste or smell. Common St. Joseph water contaminants like chloroform, chromium, nitrates, and more in large concentrations can cause illness and in very extreme cases death. 

Lastly, if you’ve ever noticed a rotten egg smell when preparing your hot water it could be due to a  reaction within your water heater. This often happens when the water heater’s anode rod reacts with sulfate ions present in water. 

The only real way to cleanse your water from harmful contaminants, bad smells, and yucky tastes is through water filtration methods. Water filtration systems like reverse osmosis systems and whole home systems can remove 99.99% of impurities from the tap water entering your home, leaving you with quality drinking water to use for your coffee or tea. 

Creating Quality Water with Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems are specifically designed to purify your water to the highest degree by removing any harmful contaminants that could be sneaking through your faucet. For quality drinking water, a reverse osmosis system is an ideal addition to the kitchen. With compact units that can fit inside your kitchen cabinet, reverse osmosis systems are the perfect way to have contaminant-free water running through your kitchen faucet for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and everything else! 

It’s important to note that clean, quality water doesn’t need to stop at the kitchen faucet. With a whole home water filtration system quality can run through your entire home. These systems cut contamination at the source, filtering all of the water entering your home before reaching any pipes or taps. 

With the implementation of a water filtration system from Culligan Water, you can say goodbye to poor water quality and hello to refreshing glasses of coffee and tea made with the finest water imaginable. 

Improve the Quality of Your Water with the Help of Culligan Water

Improve the quality of your water with a water filtration system from Culligan of St. Joseph. Our water quality professionals at Culligan Water can not only test the water in your home for free but also provide you with a consultation and realistic solutions for your water issues. For more than 70 years, Culligan Water has been the expert in providing quality water solutions for unique residential, business, and commercial water treatment needs. As innovators in our field, we are continuously working on our products and finding new, economical solutions for today’s water issues.